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We have a big database of suppliers of timber products from Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine and we will identify for you and propose the right ones immediatly.

Security of your payments: You need the goods, but you are having worries about advance payments.We will help you by checking the goods just before the loading with physical presence of an agent,giving real time feedback.

Agreed on EXW prices or your supplier is having trouble finding the correct transportation prices? We can help with all types of road and/or sea transportation.

Supplier Audit

Supplier audits provide visibility into the supplier’s management system, processes, and products. These assessments are essential to ensure your suppliers qualifications and capabilities as well as their compliance to the required standards for your products. Our services also include corrective action plans.

Product Quality

At Rimar Consult Company srl, we understand how critical product quality is to your business. We offer first-article, in-process and pre-shipment inspections to identify quality problems at each stage of production. Our product quality offerings also include sorting or rework service along.

Supplier Management

Our Supplier Management solution is for suppliers that fail to meet quality or performance objectives. We first identify the root-cause of the quality issues and then produce a corrective action plan. Implementation of the corrective actions and conducting regular on-site reviews will ensure your supplier exceeds your expectations and achieves sustainable improvement.

About Us

Established in 2017 as a sourcing agent and quality control company for timber products for the romanian, italian, german and chinese market.

With more than a decade experience in management of manufacturing and trading in the timber industry, we understand the challenges your suppliers are facing in complying with your quality requirements and we are able to provide technical solutions in various stages of the manufacturing process.


We have been trading since 2006 raw material such as logs and renewable energy products (firewood, pellets, briqutes) and also processed products: timber, finger joint elements and flooring elements (species: beech, oak, linden, acacia, ash, spruce, pine, poplar) on the european market (Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy) and chinese market and from 2009 until 2017 owning and managing manufacturing facilities in Romania for the same products.


Sourcing raw material and timber products from a large database of proven suppliers out of Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.


We are working as a sourcing agent and quality control company offering  professional services, searching for the best suppliers for your needs and will provide you all the  additional services like logistic solutions and ensuring all the neccessary paperwork is done accordingly to the import laws in your country. We perform consistent quality controls of all products supplied,inspecting the suppliers on a regular basis.

Client portfolio includes:

        Teclem Prod srl

·       Corà Domenico & Figli S.p.a. (Italy)

·       Jim Fine Wooden Products Co., Ltd (China)

·       Casa Bio Energy, Ltd (Hong Kong)




We work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Sourcing wood products

The suppliers in our database can suplly the following products:


- firewood                                             

- pellets

- sawdust briquettes

- timber (edged/unedged, AD/KD, rough sawn/S4S)

- finger joint elements (rough sawn/S4S)

- parquet massive elements (fresh/KD, acacia, oak, etc.)

- glued products: finger joint and pannels (linden, poplar, acacia)


From negociating and explaining your quality requirements to the potential supplier to quality control during different production stages  and proactive approach to quality assurance we will help your supplier deliver high-quality products, operate efficiently, and comply to all necessary quality standards and industry specific compliance requirements.

Payment security

We offer third party  physical onsite presence at the time of loading thus allowing  you to have real time informations regarding the volumes and quality loaded.


 Additional QC can be performed just before the loading with live video streaming of samples and also checks as far as the correlation between the provided documents for the payment/export and the volumes of the goods loaded into the truck/container.

Custom clearance,

legal consulting

We can help with the export process if the case,assure all documents and certificates are provided and filled as per your legal import requirements. (EUR1, Phytosanitary, FSC, etc.)


We like to keep things simple so we work for a commision which is usually negociated /measurement unit(e.g. m3)  so you know the impact on the final cost of your product.So a fix cost, no matter the expenses the agreement poses from our side.


Contact Us

Cristian Paul Todros


Mobile phone/Whatsapp :+40722639838

WeChat: cristianTodros

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